Quick review topic of child disengagement from learning – parent strategies

I came across Julia Black on Facebook when she was talking about children’s education, a topic I’m very interested in to empower them.

I just got on to the Q/A at the end and she came across knowledgeable.

One example: child: when I find something difficult I give up.

Julia: Do you want to be the sort of person to give up or the sort of person to struggle on.

Child: I want to be the sort of person to struggle on.

Find her on Facebook

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USA, POTUS & The Kavanaugh Nomination

My research finds that The Deep State is attempting to block selection for two reasons.

Firstly Kavanaugh had stated I think in the past that military tribunals are valid, enacted due to a declaration of War few days after 911.

So firstly some high level in the Deep State actors could be indicted and to stop that they want to stop Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court because they have eight already and he would have the deciding vote to push forward the Trump plan for stopping one faction of the Deep State that wants War for example in the Middle East.

That secondly some other document to be published unredacted ie in full which would embarrass similar actors in UK, France and Australia.

Indications are that after one week probe by FBI the Senate may well approve Kavanaugh.

Why should we pay so close attention to American Politics, if we want a better, new and prosperous Pakistan.

The answer lies in an incident in history. That was that USA, rather the Neo Con Deep State Elements conspired for President Musharraf to go. Condilica Rice, in her memoirs: No Greater Honour talks if her meetings with President Musharraf. Other accounts tell how Musharraf told former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto not to come to Pakistan until after Pakistani Elections but USA Neo Cons intervened to transition her earlier to change the Musharraf regime.

The Khazarian Mafia made the West Evil, now POUS Trump wants to stop their plans for war and so weakening them is good for the Muslims as these KM forces attacked them in many Muslim Countries.

Then Pakistan need a high level plan on say 20 Economy indicators, similar perhaps to what Robert David Steele advises POTUS in his media broadcasts on You Tube.

Analysis comes from Benjamin Fulford and Robert David Steele, great thinkers and real leaders and believers in all of us living together in peace.

Updates will be posted here.

Update one: The overall context – 2018

Prelude to my upcoming report:

They say we can’t get out of the grip of the international financial system where the KM laugh at election results where some say PM Khan will be forced to go to the IMF and the conditions would work towards removing the dream for a new Pakistan and a hand back to PML-N and PPP.

However the late General Gul in his last address to Dr. Shahid Masoud said Pakistan had to stand so my view whatever is against it had to fall.

Now with what happening between the fight between two factions of the Deep State with POUS Trump Nationalistic faction winning against Rothschild faction for chaos and war to build the pax Judaica one world government.

Some commentators say that there could be a financial reset lasting up to three weeks (Keep long life food and bottled water) such that the Federal Reserve and IMF could fall, actually some say the IMF is actually the USA Treasury.

Then there is the White Dragon Society which is a cooperative coalition of intelligence, military and other elite mainly in Asia and also the West who are taking the fight to reduce and stop the KM.

The Kavanaugh confirmation and attempts to stop was needed for Trump to control Supreme Court to unleash military tribunals that came into effect few days after 911, plan to be used to attest real political and other elites who are from other side mentioned.

The White Dragons are aware they don’t want KM replaced by Chinese version, rather peace and respective nation building like the OROB and similar initiatives.

With regards to threat of Nuclear War which the KM want. Mehran Keshe says Technology exists to make them powerless to plasma type technology he has developed as well as tech for near free energy.

Just like doing business is about developing the correct mindset, what PM Khans team is the correct mindset with which to navigate a course, already youth are saying that if we aspire to Medina City State Model if his team can’t deliver then we need a reshuffle or a different deck altogether.

Timing & Analysis of Kashmir Surgical Strike In Pakistan By India

Seven out of seven I thought, how wonderful!

That is the number of people with the Surname Patel that I know, six of them personally.

Every time they exemplify what it means to be a good community minded citizen.  Caring for everyone, not discriminating by race or creed, seeking justice and common good.

So I tried a test with a fellow Muslim I know well: We were watching the news about the
alleged surgical strike by Indian Army several days ago across the Loc in Kashmir.

Even the Pakistani Media does play it up and add extra drama, what already is an already tense situation.

So my point is that my fellow Muslim said how bad it was and then made a connection in their personal life to a cleaner who works for them just an hour a week, about how they
don’t do a very good job at all.

My first point is that we first of all, before we attempt to make sense of it, is that we need to think with our heart and not our head.  As our head is also where the ego is and it is easy to make the incident bigger then it.  We should see it as it is, and not a bigger issue then it is and not smaller then it is.

As where our heart is, also empathy is.

Secondly we must understand clearly the current affairs from sources other then the mainstream media which follows an overall arching agenda which is set by Neo-Conseratives (Or Neo-cons).  Who are they:

The Neocons absolutely knew what they were doing. They knew that Saddam had no WMDs,[13] but they had to use categorical lies and colossal hoaxes to persuade the masses because they wanted America to get into a bloody and unnecessary conflict with Saddam. Thomas Friedman of the New York Times told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz in 2003 that the plan for war in Iraq

“was disseminated by a small group of 25 or 30 neoconservatives, almost all of them Jewish, almost all of them intellectuals (a partial list: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, William Kristol, Elliott Abrams, Charles Krauthammer), people who are mutual friends and cultivate one another and are convinced that political ideas are a major driving force of history. They believe that the right political idea entails a fusion of morality and force, human rights and grit. The philosophical underpinnings of the Washington neoconservatives are the writings of Machiavelli, Hobbes and Edmund Burke.”

Bol TV by Shoeib Ahmed Sheekh was a step in the right direction, objective news and good pay and conditions for staff.  However false allegations upon parent company:Axact which lead to a deal between Geo Group and PM Nawaz Sherif which was that in effect Mariam Sherif will stop Bol TV getting a license to broadcast and Geo should realize all it’s news-anchors against Imran Khan!

I believe that the Pakistani Armed Forces are the best in the world and are fully capable to defend Pakistan against any external and internal threat.  They fight with Iman in thier hearts and not for salary or ego-centreed pride.  Lead by the great COAS General Raheel Sherif.

So we must understand current affairs, is it not interesting that in the context of the Sherif government worry about Imran Khan and his PTI, that is it not convenient for an external thread to arise, without which the focus would be on internal issues like discussions on corruption in Nawas Sherif Government.

Now as an entrepreneur myself, I am still very much open to the idea, that Nawaz Sherif also runs a business, and so has become wealthy and with his own wealth if he bought those Mayfair flats for his children then all power to him and good luck.

However the accusations by Imran Khan is that this and the staff and roads of his Raiwind Estate was build with public funds- now the ruler should be accountable and his ministers should not say people will forget.  Imran Khan said neither will they, nor will Imran Khan let them forget.

Pakistani soldiers fight for thier Deen, Imran Khan’s true hero is Quaid E Azzam, Imran works due to fearing Allah (SWT) and answering to him.  Credit to him for the mass movement.  The need of the hour is to convince and build a coalition of other groups and organisations who feel the same way and then when the army feel that the people want change they will support the new coalition and the only thing that politically Muslims can do is declare a true Khilafah Rashida.

Timing is important and it is not a light matter as the future of the over 100 million is at stake.

The enemies are not the good everyday people, I believe that nearly 100% of Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians can live together, it is only a very tiny “Elite” who are the known as the Khazarian Mafia aka Zionists, the Red Circle, shadow secret government.

They were behind the assassination of President John Kennedy as a cout de ta against the American People.   UK people voted against the war in Iraq but the above named neo-cons were the ones who started the war.  The goal?  Instability in order to create circumstances to go from Pax Americana to Pax Judica which is a new world Government run from Israel.

However it should be noted that right at the fore front of those opposed to Zionism and the new world order are Jewish Intellectuals like Gilad Atzmon.  So we are not opposed to Jews, indeed many ultra orthodox believe that a Jewish state cannot come about until the Messiah returns.

For good objective news read www.veteranstoday.com, the late General Hamid Gul was part of the editorial board and currently Brig.(Rtd.) Asif H. Raja.

For the youth, be confident of our Deen with its rational foundations, we can prove Allah (SWT) exists and then that The Qur’an is the word of Allah (SWT).  See my website:


I do believe that General Pervez Musharraf, with his wealth of experience already is and is helping in the betterment of Pakistan.  It’s nice to see his passion, like Imran Khan as well as many countless patriots of the Deen

We see people living in the West, as just that, good people who want a good job or business, good education and a good home and community.  They have been just as manipulated by the mainstream media and a concerted effort by controlling their education and history.  When Dawa is given to them i.e. see the work of Sheikh Yusuf Estes then so many revert to Islam.  So it’s a complete misunderstanding for us to have any hatred of the West, whilst still upholding our Islamic Values.

We to value liberty, albeit in the Islamic sense, the rule of Law and good society.  The equitable distribution of wealth.  Business encouraged and basic needs met as well as free
gas, electricity and fuels.

For Muslims, living in the West, as advocated by Hizb-Ut-Tahrir in the UK and USA, we need more Islam and not less.  Whilst we do not integrate with non-Islamic ideas, we can interact in a nice and beautiful way, whilst still speaking out against the oppression.  The idea is to give a good impression of the Deen, compared to the mainstream media portrayal.

We do not hate the Shia, rather we must understand from our Sunni Scholars that  we have two taiyefahs (Communities], Sunni and Shia, under that we have a large number of sects on each side.  So just like the Shia cannot label us under one umbrella: Sunni, we cannot do the same to them.

Yes in both sects, some may fall outside the fold of Islam as mentioned by Juristic Scholars.  The vast majority are, Alhumdulilla Muslims and we are one Ummah.

So lets think with our heart and have empathy for the condition of the World and take the intellectual leadership to shape it for the better.  For we have two choices, a Khazarian Mafia type new world order or an Islamic one.  The former is slavery and oppression to man and the later is true freedom through submission to the Divine:  Allah (SWT).

Read www.veteranstoday.com for good objective news.

Classical arguments need to be updated we need to understand current affairs very well and I also listen to Sheikh Imran Hosein on Youtube.










Why Us Fellow Muslims Have Got Donald Trumph’s Comments Wrong

DT_pic  Trumph org

I also heard the comments by Mr. Donald Trump regarding not allowing new Muslims into the USA, which spurred angry reaction and signed petitions by many Muslims, including the UK were I am from.

Todays post in the Daily Telegraph mentioned a 100,000 signatory UK petition to have Trump banned from the UK.

The largest retailer in the Middle East has taken his products off the shelve.

The reason I think that some Muslims and signatories to petitions have got it wrong is that with regards to his ban Muslims from entering the USA, they did not carefully understand the context in terms of what he said after that, which was, “Until we find out what is the problem”.

I also read in the media that he said that if he was the President he would reveal who really knocked down the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11.

So it is ironically, when we as Muslims do fairly point out that sometimes comentators or media people take quotes from The Qur’an out of context in terms of verses before the words they take and verses afterwards,

To compound the problem, Muslims do it to, in order to give credence to thier point of view.

So I think finding out what is the problem with Muslims, why do they hate the West, let’s find out, do they really.  What has made them point.

I think the finger will inevitable point to USA foreign policy and is that not what many of us Muslims point to as reason for Extremism in all its shapes and forms.

That is a healthy debate, however many Muslims I feel just reacted as opposed to responded to the comments as a sound bite, without understanding the comments in line with Mr. Donald Trumph’s other comments.  Like?

His critic of how now ex-President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad was treated in a speech at a USA University, when his introdution was very much less then flatering.

See this comment at 1 minute onwards by President of Columbia University in 2007:

Mr President, you exibit all the signs of a petty and cruel dictator….


Compare this to Mr. Donald Trumph’s comments on the President of Columbia University’s comments at
this You-tube video:

Maybe Iran is an evil empire, maybe it’s not.  You got to talk.      This guy comes over to
this Country, goes to Columbia University, where the idiot that runs Columbia University invites him to make a speech, he then ridicules him before he goes up and makes the speech, I have never seen anything like it.

He gets invited to make a speech at Columbia, and the fool who runs Columbia University, he is a fool, gets up and makes the most insulting introduction I have every heard.  I am not a fan of him, but you don’t invite someone to make a speech and then ridicule him.

The man just said the worst introduction, it is the worst thing I have every seen.  He leaves this Country hating us.   {CSPAN Interviewer: Maybe he already hated?}  Maybe for good reason, maybe for things like that.  I am militaristic but I also believe in negotiation.

So my point is that we must understand things in context, especially in today’s confusing world and indeed as Sheikh Imran Hosein put its it, as a scholar of Islamic Eschatology that we are in very confusing times and many Scholars are not talking about the vital issues of the day.

So what is the take home:

Firstly why is it that some of the Muslims, get swayed by what turns out to be provacations such as the Danish Cartoons, now what I am saying here is not to be silent but respond rather then react, to know the overall strategy by it turns out, this being done by Zionist elements who saw the Obama Administration getting friendlier with some of the Muslim Contries.

Trump said that he does not drink and smoke and taught his children also to do nether.  His children are upright Citizens and to his politics, he is a reasonable man and will sit down and talk, an entrepreneur, much different to Bush Jnr and Snr. the later who in some other speech talked about his new world order and said, when we bring it about, and with smirk said “And we will”.  So should we not want someone reasonable in power in the USA this November 2016?

What should we be doing, I like the trailer to the recent Revival of Islamic Spirit Conferance that took place in Toronto, Canada in December 2015.

For a more balanced and pricipaled society.  Nice song here.

In the end if you are willing to talk to someone, it means you put some value in the relationship between that person, how more valuable is it when World Leaders do that and so put value between different peoples.

In the end a survey of over 700 men in USA found that what brings happiness is the value of our Relationships.  See the 12 minute TED talk here:

Just watching this nice 12min. TED talk about an interesting 75 year long study of 724 men on the theme of what
makes a good life.
I feel we need to not just have a connection to each other, but also a connection to God; Allah (SWT) as revelaed through his final Messanger Muhammed (SAW) Peace and blessings be upon him.
I like what Sheikh Muhammad Ninowy said that: This faith, this Deen of ours is a Deen of Love, no Love no Deen.
Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Hanson, I feel has understood these times, he has set up a Muslim Liberal Arts College called Zaytuna in California, USA and here is an interesting lecture.
 It’s time for East and West to meet in London and good people to heal and lead.
As in Bol TV’s Motto:


The Plot Against Europe


Europe from their point of view is about Lagos or seeking the truth, having law and order, systems and processes for people to live by.

However Europe, USA via the Banksters has been staged in a world scenario whereby a small group of controllers or Illuminati are seeking to turn events to form a new world Government from Pax Britanica to Pax Americana to Pax Judeca.  Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3e_L0_1Mmk

We don’t believe that ISIS in Syria and Iraq is a genuine Khilafah because there is too much doubt cast by as mentioned by Shiekh Imran Hosein and Gordon Duff of the Veterans Today website.  It is being used by Zionists to fuel Sunni and Shia War.

Update:  The Evil Friday 13th 2015 Paris Attacks – Same Old Perpetrators?
Europe orders labelling of products produced in the occupied territories and get’s this in response?





So what to do, the above is a downloadable PDF, a chapter on the topic of what accounts for our existence, as we could have well, have not existed.  If we can prove that there must be some force that accounts for our existence then we can prove that God Exists.  So what you have to do is not to try to solve all the worlds problems, but go on a quest to find peace and understanding by rationally searching for the biggest question we all must at some point think about.

Live anywhere and drive a Porsche!

Analysis of Axact Response To Allegations Of Fake Degrees – It’s All Kismat By Allah (SWT) To Sort Wheat From The Chaff

In these times, which respected Scholar; Sheikh Imran Hosein said is the end times or Akhir Al Zaman and one has to understand the Geo-Political Events happening today in light of guidance and our guidance comes from Allah (SWT) and the last Messenger Muhammad (SAW).

Sheikh Imran uses Islamic Eschatology by being able to study the Qur’an in order to understand world events.

I came across him on You-Tube and watched many of his videos and it really gave me a good understanding of world events, along with listening to Gordon Duff – senior editor of www.veteranstoday.com to get an understanding of the terrible turmoil in the Middle-East.

So connecting this with Axact and Bol Media Group:

I came across Bol Media Group whilst surfing on You-Tube and was really happy to see a new media enterprise soon to launch in Pakistan.  InshAllah (SWT) First of Ramadan 2015.

Actually before that whilst contemplating I came across a song called Bol Bachan sung by Amitabh Bachan and his son; Abisheikh, so when Bol Media Group made the announcement of launching a Pakistan Media Outfit, I did laugh at the coincidence.

Anyway what I like about Mr. Shoeib Ahmed Sheikhs vision is that, and its a passion close to my heart as well, and that is to treat people who work for you well.  So when he said that his employees will have the best remuneration including canteen, salary, facilities, I was really happy, and shocked to hear that in Pakistan and elsewhere, employees of other media outlets ask to borrow the key to the executive bathroom so they can have the best and very good clean facilities- I mean would you go to a restaurant where the food was bad, stale but served with a butler in a suit and tie and to make it worse the bathrooms were in a poor state.

Not only that but the Education Vision of Bol Media Group to provide free education to I think it was 100,000 children- did Geo or Express Group think of anything like that?

Now to come to the point that the media attack on Axact, the parent company of Bol Media Group, was based on Allegations which are yet to be proven in a court of Law.  Declan Walsh wrote the article in the New York Times – a well known Zionist owned newspaper which writes the official narrative for the USA.

Not to be confused by the great majority of Jews- who are against the Zionist definition of the Goyim.  For the former they view non-Jews as equal citizens, just like Islam, non-Muslims, in a true Islamic State that existed for 1400 years are full Citizens where life, property and honour are protected.

So typical of the current day Zionist attack, they are also known as the Bush Crime Cabal, the Khazarian Mafia and the Illuminati- a network of like minded people who are all working to move from Pax Americana to Pak Judica or a one world Government run from Israeli, and so you see all the false flag events from
9-11 to 7-11, the French 9-11 which was the Charlie Hebdo Affair and also a false flag- see Dr. Kevin Barratt’s book: We Are Not Charlie Hebdo, Independent Thinkers Question the French 9-11.

Other False Flags:

Malysian Airline disapearance.
Boston Terror Bombings

To name but a few.

So my view is that one Jounalist; Declan Walsh writes an article in the NYT, and Pakistani Media Outlets go and promote the story, in particular GEO and the originator of the story Express Media Group PVT – actually Axact got an injunction in Pakistani to stop the news story so Express went to a Zionist paper the NYT.

The intention is to try to cripple Axact and stop the launch of Bol TV, it is much more then one TV channell, but just the start of a Media Group to have presense in the UK and elsewhere as well by it being able to be watched, InshAllah (SWT) on Sky as well.

However what is actually happening is that it’s the kismat of Allah (SWT) Decree to sort out the wheat from the chaff- however I should clarify my point as it is important.

I do not saw all those good general population of Pakistan and all the world are chaff if get taken in by the Media Storm attack on Axact.  They just go duped, tricked, scammed because they beleive in the credability of the media outlets who bring out the story with gusto and all the media outlets who support the story, because if so many different media outlets say it, it must be true.

However just think of the offical mainstream line of 9-11 and the overwhealming evidence that it was a false flag terror event organised by Zionist PM of Israil; Benjem Netanyahu in order to justify the attack on Afganistan and to try to destroy political Islam and any rise of a power that may challenge it – Just like Pharoghs idea to kill all babies born, because he thought one may grow up to challenge his tyranny- that would be Prophet Musa (Moses) – Peace Be Upon Him.

So what I am saying is that as you watch events unfold, don’t be sad, for it is to sort out who is for an objective Pakistan Media and who is for the status quo of watching 48 Min Geo “News” Programs with 3 to 4 guests who talk over each other and all you get after 48 Mins. is a headache as they waste your time over and over again and attack sincere leaders like Mr. Zaid Hamid of Brass Tracks.

For the future I always see sincere leaders who are in Pakistan and all over the World who will not let Falsehood go unchallenged and the key is to re-establish the rightly guided Khilafah, somewhere in Muslim lands so both Muslims and Non-Muslims can see the justice and ultimatly only to Worship Allah (SWT) by following his commands and reject Democracy, becauase you see, the Islamic Political System has all the checks and balances so you don’t have to hear truth comments by respected gentleman; George Galloway reveal that Al Gore said the truth when he said that Venezuela had the most free and fair elections to elect President Hugo Chavez compared to the manuplation in the USA which good Bush into power prior to 9-11 and the plan to do the same again for Jeb Bush to become President in 2016.

I heard a sheikh saw and I am sure it was an Ahadith that Prophet (SAW) said and in my own paraphrasing that in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) when Islam was very strong political, it was time for doing Actions over understanding the Truth whilst now it is times for understanding the situation over the Actions.  However don’t get me wrong one has to understand that we must place importance over understanding our situation and doing the right Actions, sincerely for the Sake of Allah (SWT) to make his world the highest and it must be done in a peaceful way like the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did in his time. Hizb-Ut-Tahrir elaborate a lot on this.

We must also understand that, as Imam Al Ghazali said when he emphazide the Rational Foundations of our Deen in that we can rationaly proof the God Exisits and then, also, that The Qur’an is the word of Allah (SWT).

This is the study of the philosophy of religion and you can get some understanding of it my watching the debates of:

YouTube:  Hamza Tzortzis

William Lane Craig vs Christopher Hitchens 


See this link about how the Jang Group of Newspapers and its founder; Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman also faced exactly the same issue when perceived as a threat by the then same PML (now PML-N) if they every thought of publishing truth about PM Nawas Sherif and his business interests:


In this article Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman is quoted as saying:

Mir Shakil said: “There was a time when I got confused. I thought about my life, my family, my organisation and about my 4,000 workers and their families. It is very difficult to stand before the state power. Some people advised me to bow down and accept the government’s conditions to save the institutions. But there were also people who advised me to stand for the truth.”

My own view is that if we look at Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman’s launch of Geo TV, which is now publicising the Axact fake degrees, it is clear to see that they sucumbed to the ruling party and acquiesced to the State to continue to be in the media and now become part of the corrupt establishment.

Fast foward to today and its the same strategy being used to undermine and coerce Bol Media Group to feel the same pressure and bend to the state for the interests of the ruling party and all its interests are deemed greater then the 100M+ population of the country.

That’s why its great to know, as revealed by Mr. Zahid Hamid, that Army Chief; General Raheel Sherif with DG ISI; General Rizwan Akhtar have since last December 2014 started a clean up operation to remove corruption at the highest levels, starting in Karachi and have had words with thier Leader; PM Mr. Nawaz Sherif to accept this to continue to be PM, he done so.  So lets see, InshAllah (SWT) with a different set of circumstances, how the same manoeuvres can not work this time for a better and new Pakistan.




Analysis On The Paris Terror Attacks

French Presidents comments hours after Paris attacks clearly points the blame at
the “Illumanti” and says it’s nothing to do with Muslims:

by Jim Fetzer and Nick Kollerstrom

In an astonishing development, the President of France, Francois Hollandais, told the people of France on 9 January 2015, the day following the Paris terror attacks, on TV:

Those who have committed these actions, these terrorists, these illuminati, have nothing to do with Islam.



Paris Hit by State-Fabricated Terror

By Nick Kollerstrom

French President: The Illuminati did this, Muslims did not do it.

In an astounding broadcast, President Francois Hollandais has has told this to the people of France on national television, on 9th January the day after the Paris terror attacks:

Those who have committed these actions, these terrorists, these illuminati, have nothing to do with Islam. (‘Ceuc qui ont commis ces actes, ces terroristes, ces illumines, ces fanatiques, n’ont rien a voir avec la religion Muslim’)

Listen, O people of France, to what your President has told you! The ‘illuminati’ has always traditionally alluded to the Masonic orders which are very strong in France, to a hidden elite of Judaeo-Masonic bankers.

Muslims did not do it – let’s say that loud and clear, as the opinion of France’s President. This could be a turning-point in the history of state-fabricated terror.  
Three months back Netanyahu comments that he regrets Frances decision to recognise
the Palestinian State and voting against Israel at the UN.  In that that Israel must keep give back land to the 1986 borders.

French President also says that sanctions against Russia should be stopped.

France does not join the USA  & UK in the second Iraq War.

Sweden also suffers a false flag attack after recognising the Palestinian State with the
shooting of school children who were the young generation of the ruling political party.

Why would Muslims do this when it is certain to turn French public opinion against Muslims and sympathy towards Israel.  Now, whilst it is entirely correct that Muslims have very strong  feelings of love towards  the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon Him), and love him more then their own family and their own selves.  Out of 1.4bn Muslims, it is possible that to attack the honour of the last Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) or any Prophet mentioned in the Qur’an, their would be a response in terms of hating that thing in ones heart and attending demonstrations and some may take further action, however Muslims living in the West, live in a covenant of security with their fellow people of the book and it is forbidden to harm them whether physically, financially or emotionally.  What has become clear that these were deliberate, staged, false flag events to create a anti-Muslim feeling amongst public opinion, fuelled by the mainstream media in a
co-ordinated way in order for the Zionists to move events in a way that favours them politically and put everyone else on the back foot.


It has been widely reported by Gordon Duff at Veterans Today that the AK47 weapons used gave
of white dust clouds, and as someone knowledgeable on guns, this is what a blank bullet does.




Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today website ends his report with the comments:

“The French people have the right to feel as they do.  However, millions of those French people are Muslims.  Has this caused serious problems?  Yes!

Is it extremely likely that this “event” was staged to take advantage of these social stresses in order to destabilize France and to promote an anti-Muslim agenda during a time when Europe is turning away from Israel, with many seeing it as a criminal state?”



Malaysia recognises the Palestinian State and soon afterwards on of their
aircraft go missing and events that follow are shrouded in mystery.

Sweden does the same and then there is a shooting at a retreat where the young generation of its Ruling Party are massacred by a lone gunman.

Is there a pattern to change public opinion in favour of Israeli by
a group of people, a secret society of Zionists determined to be the next ruling power in the World and to take over from Pax Americana to do this.  To control things by unspeakable brutal false flag attacks in some where the deaths of innocent civilian were very real and in some where the  deaths are even fake?


Concerning the French President Francois Hollande, it was reported in by
Evangelist Anita Fuentes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA0HoIkT4kQ) that she had details of a report that the French President, on his way back
from a meeting near Russia, requested a sudden stopover in Russia, and insisted on having a personal meeting with Russian President; Valdamir Putin,
which took place in a special safe room in the Airport, which is safe because no type of electronic surveillance can penetrate it.  The matter discussed was that a visible Shaken Hollande told Putin that he had received details from his intelligence service that there was a plan to stage a false flag attack by the Obama Administration (from my research it is elements in his administration who defacto control parts of the administration) and blame it on Russia, who may retaliate and he told him and that has nothing to do with him or France.

Is this another false flag attack in a long line to bring terror to the general human populace in order to drive an evil Zionist policy to get a Zionist controlled Israel to be the ruling state in the World?

Whereby Russia is defying them by not dancing to the Zionist tune and blocking the effort of the Zionists to create a war scenario in Syria in order to get different sides to battle each other and end up weakened so the Zionists can further stage events to achieve their aims?

Worldwide Zionism as if with one voice always denounces critics and sceptics with abusive censure, while their extraordinary efforts at concealment would for any other group provide powerful evidence of collusion and guilt.


Community Values

The sum of my many years of thought and reflection the the areas of personal development, the study of Islam, starting from when I was at University from 1991 to 1995 and including my voluntary community work and ten year Civil Service role in Immigration and Nationality.  I can sum up my understanding; private citizen or community minded.  What do I mean by this?

Private Citizen is a certain view of the world where the focus is on oneself and one where the person does not really understand others. For example a family with children, focus only on their family and would not deal with other children i.e. whilst going on a family holiday or vacation in exactly the same way as their own child.

Whilst community minded in the same example is by treating other children as vips because in that way
it brings home the gratefulness we must feel in seeing God’s creation and the destiny that we were due to meet this child and the family.

Private citizenry has no class boundary or financial boundary, so ones children may go the best private schools, but you will find some parents behave like private citizens, whilst others behave more like community minded.

When we are private citizens that is when we can also succumb to things like Nationalism and in particular partisanship to one group or the other, seeing it in rosy coloured spectacles.

Bill Gates recently said  and i will say it in my own words- to understand the problem of disease you have to
live with the people who suffer to really understand it.

In today’s world we need much more community minded citizens, mind you there are a lot and I accept that, it
is a state of mind and a person can shift between the two.

President John F. Kennedy and his brother Jack where community minded.  So was Zia Ul Haq, both got assassinated by a certain group who arose to power in the last 100 years and was formed when the body of
Pharaoun was found in the sea, as prophecy by Allah (SWT) in the Qur’an.  Again in my own words this verse mentioned that do not do what Pharoun did, otherwise history will repeat itself.  But these words, the Kallam of Allah (SWT) fell on deaf zionist ears, as they were to start a terrible plan to move from Pax Britannica to Pax Americana to Pak Judaica.

Community minded Jews who are very many are vocal to this and stand against this injustice.

I learned this by listening to Sheikh Imran Hosein on YouTube and also Gordon Duff on You-Tube.