Arianna Huffington’s New Book; Thrive

The famous line originally mentioned by Peggy Lee:
“Is that all there is?”

What do I mean?

In the last century success has been identified by the amount of money, assets created and fame attained.  However “Is that all there is?”.  What is the Good life, these values have been somewhat forgotten and transformed into the metrics of financial worldly success, money and power.

In Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive, she argues sleep deprived busy lives have a cost and cites the example of one busy women (HopeLab President  Pat Christen) who did not have time to look into her child’s eyes.  Arianna argues  that there should be a third metric, which goes beyond where money and power can take you and thus enlivens the human spirit.  Arianna says that this has four parts, and in her book she expands in detail on each of those four pillars; Wellbeing, Wisdom, Wonder and Giving.

When looking at this question “Is that all there is?”  I ask cannot we ask another question:

Why do we exist?

Because we could have not existed.  If you saw a big purple ball the size of a bull-dozer in the countryside, surely you would ask how did that get there.  However why should anything exist?

This would lead us to seek what accounts for our existant, how did the Universe come to exist.  We know about the Big Bang argument.  So can we prove the Existantance some force that made all this. A being, Christians call God, Muslims call Allah (SWT) and Jews call Adonai.

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