Community Values

The sum of my many years of thought and reflection the the areas of personal development, the study of Islam, starting from when I was at University from 1991 to 1995 and including my voluntary community work and ten year Civil Service role in Immigration and Nationality.  I can sum up my understanding; private citizen or community minded.  What do I mean by this?

Private Citizen is a certain view of the world where the focus is on oneself and one where the person does not really understand others. For example a family with children, focus only on their family and would not deal with other children i.e. whilst going on a family holiday or vacation in exactly the same way as their own child.

Whilst community minded in the same example is by treating other children as vips because in that way
it brings home the gratefulness we must feel in seeing God’s creation and the destiny that we were due to meet this child and the family.

Private citizenry has no class boundary or financial boundary, so ones children may go the best private schools, but you will find some parents behave like private citizens, whilst others behave more like community minded.

When we are private citizens that is when we can also succumb to things like Nationalism and in particular partisanship to one group or the other, seeing it in rosy coloured spectacles.

Bill Gates recently said  and i will say it in my own words- to understand the problem of disease you have to
live with the people who suffer to really understand it.

In today’s world we need much more community minded citizens, mind you there are a lot and I accept that, it
is a state of mind and a person can shift between the two.

President John F. Kennedy and his brother Jack where community minded.  So was Zia Ul Haq, both got assassinated by a certain group who arose to power in the last 100 years and was formed when the body of
Pharaoun was found in the sea, as prophecy by Allah (SWT) in the Qur’an.  Again in my own words this verse mentioned that do not do what Pharoun did, otherwise history will repeat itself.  But these words, the Kallam of Allah (SWT) fell on deaf zionist ears, as they were to start a terrible plan to move from Pax Britannica to Pax Americana to Pak Judaica.

Community minded Jews who are very many are vocal to this and stand against this injustice.

I learned this by listening to Sheikh Imran Hosein on YouTube and also Gordon Duff on You-Tube.

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