The Plot Against Europe

Europe from their point of view is about Lagos or seeking the truth, having law and order, systems and processes for people to live by.

However Europe, USA via the Banksters has been staged in a world scenario whereby a small group of controllers or Illuminati are seeking to turn events to form a new world Government from Pax Britanica to Pax Americana to Pax Judeca.  Watch this:

We don’t believe that ISIS in Syria and Iraq is a genuine Khilafah because there is too much doubt cast by as mentioned by Shiekh Imran Hosein and Gordon Duff of the Veterans Today website.  It is being used by Zionists to fuel Sunni and Shia War.

Update:  The Evil Friday 13th 2015 Paris Attacks – Same Old Perpetrators?
Europe orders labelling of products produced in the occupied territories and get’s this in response?



So what to do, the above is a downloadable PDF, a chapter on the topic of what accounts for our existence, as we could have well, have not existed.  If we can prove that there must be some force that accounts for our existence then we can prove that God Exists.  So what you have to do is not to try to solve all the worlds problems, but go on a quest to find peace and understanding by rationally searching for the biggest question we all must at some point think about.

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