Why Us Fellow Muslims Have Got Donald Trumph’s Comments Wrong

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I also heard the comments by Mr. Donald Trump regarding not allowing new Muslims into the USA, which spurred angry reaction and signed petitions by many Muslims, including the UK were I am from.

Todays post in the Daily Telegraph mentioned a 100,000 signatory UK petition to have Trump banned from the UK.

The largest retailer in the Middle East has taken his products off the shelve.

The reason I think that some Muslims and signatories to petitions have got it wrong is that with regards to his ban Muslims from entering the USA, they did not carefully understand the context in terms of what he said after that, which was, “Until we find out what is the problem”.

I also read in the media that he said that if he was the President he would reveal who really knocked down the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11.

So it is ironically, when we as Muslims do fairly point out that sometimes comentators or media people take quotes from The Qur’an out of context in terms of verses before the words they take and verses afterwards,

To compound the problem, Muslims do it to, in order to give credence to thier point of view.

So I think finding out what is the problem with Muslims, why do they hate the West, let’s find out, do they really.  What has made them point.

I think the finger will inevitable point to USA foreign policy and is that not what many of us Muslims point to as reason for Extremism in all its shapes and forms.

That is a healthy debate, however many Muslims I feel just reacted as opposed to responded to the comments as a sound bite, without understanding the comments in line with Mr. Donald Trumph’s other comments.  Like?

His critic of how now ex-President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad was treated in a speech at a USA University, when his introdution was very much less then flatering.

See this comment at 1 minute onwards by President of Columbia University in 2007:

Mr President, you exibit all the signs of a petty and cruel dictator….


Compare this to Mr. Donald Trumph’s comments on the President of Columbia University’s comments at
this You-tube video:

Maybe Iran is an evil empire, maybe it’s not.  You got to talk.      This guy comes over to
this Country, goes to Columbia University, where the idiot that runs Columbia University invites him to make a speech, he then ridicules him before he goes up and makes the speech, I have never seen anything like it.

He gets invited to make a speech at Columbia, and the fool who runs Columbia University, he is a fool, gets up and makes the most insulting introduction I have every heard.  I am not a fan of him, but you don’t invite someone to make a speech and then ridicule him.

The man just said the worst introduction, it is the worst thing I have every seen.  He leaves this Country hating us.   {CSPAN Interviewer: Maybe he already hated?}  Maybe for good reason, maybe for things like that.  I am militaristic but I also believe in negotiation.

So my point is that we must understand things in context, especially in today’s confusing world and indeed as Sheikh Imran Hosein put its it, as a scholar of Islamic Eschatology that we are in very confusing times and many Scholars are not talking about the vital issues of the day.

So what is the take home:

Firstly why is it that some of the Muslims, get swayed by what turns out to be provacations such as the Danish Cartoons, now what I am saying here is not to be silent but respond rather then react, to know the overall strategy by it turns out, this being done by Zionist elements who saw the Obama Administration getting friendlier with some of the Muslim Contries.

Trump said that he does not drink and smoke and taught his children also to do nether.  His children are upright Citizens and to his politics, he is a reasonable man and will sit down and talk, an entrepreneur, much different to Bush Jnr and Snr. the later who in some other speech talked about his new world order and said, when we bring it about, and with smirk said “And we will”.  So should we not want someone reasonable in power in the USA this November 2016?

What should we be doing, I like the trailer to the recent Revival of Islamic Spirit Conferance that took place in Toronto, Canada in December 2015.

For a more balanced and pricipaled society.  Nice song here.

In the end if you are willing to talk to someone, it means you put some value in the relationship between that person, how more valuable is it when World Leaders do that and so put value between different peoples.

In the end a survey of over 700 men in USA found that what brings happiness is the value of our Relationships.  See the 12 minute TED talk here:

Just watching this nice 12min. TED talk about an interesting 75 year long study of 724 men on the theme of what
makes a good life.
I feel we need to not just have a connection to each other, but also a connection to God; Allah (SWT) as revelaed through his final Messanger Muhammed (SAW) Peace and blessings be upon him.
I like what Sheikh Muhammad Ninowy said that: This faith, this Deen of ours is a Deen of Love, no Love no Deen.
Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Hanson, I feel has understood these times, he has set up a Muslim Liberal Arts College called Zaytuna in California, USA and here is an interesting lecture.
 It’s time for East and West to meet in London and good people to heal and lead.
As in Bol TV’s Motto:


One comment

  1. irfanaq71 · February 4, 2017

    Update from the author of above post!

    1. Well the protest, all over the World has certainly mushroomed! To have an aside for a minute, is it
    not a British and even American Value about Democracy being a British Value. On the grounds he won, according
    to Capitalism, it should be accepted. In the UK do you think it may need a referral to PREVENT for not
    Supporting a British Value?!

    2. To get back to the ban issue. My above article says that the, now, POUS said “Until we find out what is going on”.
    Now it is on for 90 days and yes I have read that some Judges have at least temporarily overturned the Executive
    Order form the Peoples House.

    3. Because according to my research anyway, about finding out what is going on, it would lead to the following: I will
    tell you about that, and if the Trumph Administration follows the trial, in my research, they will find:

    The Khazarian Mafia (KM), hell bent on ruling the World from Israeli, now here I don’t mean the vast majority of
    Jewish People of the Book who follow the Torah. However people who follow as their basis of doing things,
    something very different source which is the Talmud and Kabbalah. They disguised themselves as being Jewish
    because in past history, the Khazars converted to Judaism for political expediency. KM people Heinrich Graetz in
    a letter to his friend; Moses Hess saying “Christianity a Religion of death” Watch more (YouTube 21min):

    4. KM are anti Lagos or the rule by law and an objective moral order. They want to create Chaos in Europe via the
    ISIS false flag attacks in Europe and USA and blame it on Violent Islamist Extremism in order to change political
    events to their favor.

    5. Now what is causing the uproar is that ordinary Muslims who come from Countries on the banned list are being
    stopped, for 90 days from entering the USA.

    6. However it is these Evil False Flag attacks that need to be stopped such as the Evil and barbaric attacks including
    Paris, Nice. Search for Kevin Barratt’s work on the French 911 False Flag attacks.

    7. Islam says that no race has any racial superiority, rather that is piety and God Consciousness that is the

    8. This article on Veterans Today; http://tinyurl.com/gsfeu5b by Jonus E. Alexis Eric Gajewski and Michael Hoffman
    shows how Berlin was subveresed by ideas which stem from a World view of race superiority based on the
    Talmud and Kabbalah.

    9. So it was that Graetz’s and Hess’s racial worldview would conflict with German Intellectuals like Henrich Von
    Treitschhe. Even Albert S. Lindermann of the University of California concludes that not only was Treitschee’s
    anger against people like Graetz drawn from the notion that Jewish Intellectuals saw themselves as superior to
    the Germans and that they put down the German and European Tradtions. Some like Theodor Mommsen, saw
    that Graetz’s work was of Talmudic extraction. This is taken from the Youtube video above at the end of the

    10. In summary the article says that History teaches us that violent reactions have always been inevitable whenever
    subversive movements ruined the lives of nations, people and individuals from Simon Bar Kokhba in A.D. 132
    to the French Revolution in 1789 and Hep-Hep riot in 1819, even to the debt crisis in the aftermath of the
    financial crisis of 2007/8.

    11. The article continues “We want nether subversive movements nor violent reactions. The best way to achieve
    both is for the powers that be, Submit To Reason and abandon covert and subversive activities.

    12. “In other worlds we are proposing a return to Lagos, this is actually a modus vivendi, because Lagos is what
    unites us all as human beings. In addition since we are all creatures of Lagos, then to act against reason, the
    moral and political Universe is determinable and therefore dangerous.

    13. The good news is that Logas, as Hegel pointed out will Triumph in the end.

    14. Now for my comments:

    15. The KM will, not in its entirety submit to reason, there is evidence by Benjamin Fulford that some individuals
    perhaps may co-operate, but on a whole, they have to be gone after and Benjamin Says that there is a counter
    group called The White Dragon Society based in China and Japan (See his 10 minutes updates on Youtube).
    is going after them to acheive a better world.

    16. Fundamentally the most important question that we cannot get away from is that why do we exsist, because
    we could well have not existed? My website: http://www.betatoday.org goes into details about what could have
    caused our existence? It takes us to the only rational option that it must be The Creator. However it does not
    give more details on the Creator, for that we have to rationally study and see if The Qur’an is the world of God, if
    is, and as Muslims, we can rationally prove it, then we believe in the Qura’n and we submit and are in harmony
    with the Universe and submitting to the will of God. Then with an Islamic Political Order and System of
    Government, called The Khilafah Ruling System we can live in peace and harmony.

    17. As you see the KM AKA The Illuminati are making mischief on the Earth, they started Ukraine, Russian Conflict, invading six Muslim Countries, planned 9/11 for their one world Government sinister designs. A wish to rule the world. The work of the resumption of the Khilafah was started in 1953 by Sheikh Taqideen Nabhani and has succeeded in creating mass awareness of the system that Governed both Muslims, Christians, Jews and other faiths for 1400 years.


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