USA, POTUS & The Kavanaugh Nomination

My research finds that The Deep State is attempting to block selection for two reasons.

Firstly Kavanaugh had stated I think in the past that military tribunals are valid, enacted due to a declaration of War few days after 911.

So firstly some high level in the Deep State actors could be indicted and to stop that they want to stop Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court because they have eight already and he would have the deciding vote to push forward the Trump plan for stopping one faction of the Deep State that wants War for example in the Middle East.

That secondly some other document to be published unredacted ie in full which would embarrass similar actors in UK, France and Australia.

Indications are that after one week probe by FBI the Senate may well approve Kavanaugh.

Why should we pay so close attention to American Politics, if we want a better, new and prosperous Pakistan.

The answer lies in an incident in history. That was that USA, rather the Neo Con Deep State Elements conspired for President Musharraf to go. Condilica Rice, in her memoirs: No Greater Honour talks if her meetings with President Musharraf. Other accounts tell how Musharraf told former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto not to come to Pakistan until after Pakistani Elections but USA Neo Cons intervened to transition her earlier to change the Musharraf regime.

The Khazarian Mafia made the West Evil, now POUS Trump wants to stop their plans for war and so weakening them is good for the Muslims as these KM forces attacked them in many Muslim Countries.

Then Pakistan need a high level plan on say 20 Economy indicators, similar perhaps to what Robert David Steele advises POTUS in his media broadcasts on You Tube.

Analysis comes from Benjamin Fulford and Robert David Steele, great thinkers and real leaders and believers in all of us living together in peace.

Updates will be posted here.

Update one: The overall context – 2018

Prelude to my upcoming report:

They say we can’t get out of the grip of the international financial system where the KM laugh at election results where some say PM Khan will be forced to go to the IMF and the conditions would work towards removing the dream for a new Pakistan and a hand back to PML-N and PPP.

However the late General Gul in his last address to Dr. Shahid Masoud said Pakistan had to stand so my view whatever is against it had to fall.

Now with what happening between the fight between two factions of the Deep State with POUS Trump Nationalistic faction winning against Rothschild faction for chaos and war to build the pax Judaica one world government.

Some commentators say that there could be a financial reset lasting up to three weeks (Keep long life food and bottled water) such that the Federal Reserve and IMF could fall, actually some say the IMF is actually the USA Treasury.

Then there is the White Dragon Society which is a cooperative coalition of intelligence, military and other elite mainly in Asia and also the West who are taking the fight to reduce and stop the KM.

The Kavanaugh confirmation and attempts to stop was needed for Trump to control Supreme Court to unleash military tribunals that came into effect few days after 911, plan to be used to attest real political and other elites who are from other side mentioned.

The White Dragons are aware they don’t want KM replaced by Chinese version, rather peace and respective nation building like the OROB and similar initiatives.

With regards to threat of Nuclear War which the KM want. Mehran Keshe says Technology exists to make them powerless to plasma type technology he has developed as well as tech for near free energy.

Just like doing business is about developing the correct mindset, what PM Khans team is the correct mindset with which to navigate a course, already youth are saying that if we aspire to Medina City State Model if his team can’t deliver then we need a reshuffle or a different deck altogether.