September 24th 2021

Firstly the following is not investment advice, it’s just what I have done personally. It should not be taken as such, I’m not qualified to offer investment advice and suggest you go to an independent financial advisor. The following is for entertainment purposes only.

Rent, dividends, Youtube traffic, affiliate income & commissions are all examples of income that does not press on your timea, in as much as your job does.

Generating passive income is hard and challenging to anyone!

Would you like to know how to get £120 a week or more?

Lloyd’s Alliance is a crypto, foreign exchange and commodities trading brokerage.

Based in London, UK and with expert traders worldwide, they trade crypto, foreign exchange and commodities on a daily basis.

The offer is that if you invest with them, they will give you from 1.14% daily profit share on your investment, paid weekly or you can let it compound.

It’s profit share and not interest, because they charge 25% of accumulated total withdrawable profit after three months or if you take all the Capital out.

Read from there Facebook Group:

How it works:

You can register an account at this link:

This great web-based dashboard gives links in the Menu to Fund your account, see your balance and withdraw funds.

What you get.

Let’s take an example:

If you find your account with say $2000 during the special promotion, which ends on October 15th 2021, as the graphic at the start of this review shows, you will get 50% bonus I.e. $2000 + $1000 = $3000

On that you will earn 3000x 0.0112 = $33.6 a day in profit share.

This is $165 a week or £120 a week.

How you start all this is.

1. You need to get yourself a crypto currency wallets to store your crypto, such as Bitcoin or Etherium.

I suggest Coinbase and, the later will not charge fees for 30 days and give you a free MasterCard that you can spend your crypto. You can also withdraw it to your linked bank account and also to any debit Visa card.

In your Llyods Alliance to fund your account it is a link there to generate for you your SEND to address.

So you go into say App and send money ie crypto to this address. You copy from Llyods Alliance and paste into where to SEND money in your wallet.

It can take a few hours or less then it will fund your account and your daily profits accumulate automatically.

Every Friday after 1pm, you can either let it stay in your account or you can withdraw the weeks profit. How?

Go to withdrawal of Llyods Alliance and enter the amount and from your Crypto wallet get your RECEIVE crypto link ie Go to Etherium in and click on receive. It will give your Etherium address.

Copy that into your Llyods Alliance dashboard and double check the last four digits, as it’s a long string of letters and numbers.

Now wait even a few hours before you see the balance in your crypto wallet before you see it in your balance.

You can keep and accumulate it there. Take part as UKP ie cash out or exchange for another crypto currency like MATIC by Polygon for example. You may want to keep that for 12-24 months!

Contact me if you want to know what Crypto to invest in at:

Irfan Qureshi

What’s App/Text/call: 07728555122


Urgent Tip Update 9th July 2021

So I watched Mr. Teeka Tiwar’s presentation. I liked it. He is saying there is another chance to get in early and to be right about investing in Psychadellic Thetapies that the USA two big parts of Goverment want: The Veterans & The FDA to help 800m people’s market for:

1. Depression

2. Addictions


The free pick is:

CMPS Compass Pathways

If on the Apple App Store you download “Freetrade” you just put the ticket symbol in search and you can buy this. Another one being tipped is RBLX (ROBLUX).

Four more including a pre-IPO that could go like Apple or Bitcoin is available if you get:

Palm Beach Newsletter Special Opportunities:


Normally $4000 for a year discounted to $2000 for 2 years.

There is a very good chance that these Thereoutics are scheduled from schedule 1 to 3. FDA is already keen. It’s upto USA Congress. At the moment big Wall Street cannot buy so time now to get in.

Mr. Tiwari reccomends $500 in each of the five stocks or double if funds available.

FDA says these are breakthrough therapies.

What you get is Buy & Sell Alerts, the Pre-IPO, the other stocks that could easily 10X with the Pre-IPO could move like what Apple or BTC did, so another chance.

Time frame for this to happen is upto 18 months and recommended to buy now.

If any issues with link go to:

If you can’t get the newsletter subscription contact me to see how we can help each other: or text: 07728555122

A much smaller investment newsletter offer is:

TICKER SYMBOL (GD…) – see video

Jeff Clark’s Market Minute Reader,

Could one stock help you retire in 2021?

It’s possible…

268%… 178%… 142%… 121%… 273%… 158%… 112%… 100%…

I’ve been able to predict the patterns of one specific stock with 92.3% accuracy. 

I just put together a brief video that explains everything.

Click here to access

the video + get the ticker symbol

Happy Trading,

Jeff Clark

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Approx 20 min video or Transcript

My review Summary:

The Stock ticket is: GDX which tracks a basket of Gold Stocks.

His money making method is very short term: days, I understand.

His mechanism is: Options using a normal trading account.

$49 is what he wants for 1 year with actual buy & sell alerts plus education on how and why it works.

Historical gains of 68-278% in days.

Minimum capital at least a few hundred dollars.

As an alternative to starting and mayby struggling to get a business started.

In the back of my mind was doubt on Options trading viz a viz Islamic co tracts and dealing with the future.

The other course was also $49 and on Warrants. As you said Sheikh this Warrants is like a permanent option.

I’m keeping an eye on it, would like advice on its permissibility.

The former thing before this as Teeka said is an upto 18 month buy and hold.

July 2021 Update

1. Mini online business: Reviewpops:

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The Webinar-Explains all about it, make money within 30 days.

The Sales/Sign-up page:

2. Crypto Recommendations:

a) Etherium could x3 by 31/12/21

b) Bitcoin (BTC) could 3x by 31/12/21

C) Compound could multiply by 31/12/21

D) ZRX could X100 by 31/12/22

3) Email me about getting 1.14% profit on your investment daily. Connect to me on Facebook then I will add you to a private group called: Lloyds Alliance. Let’s then chat on email.

June 2021 Update

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