Community Minded Parent

Hello and welcome to my community site.

I’ve lived in Croydon for the last 45 of 49 years, and feel so close to the community in Croydon and beyond.

My highest need of the five human needs as mentioned by Tony Robbins is growth & contribution.

I’m married, 15 years and have one son, Hadi, whois ten and at year six in primary school.

I think school is a great place to start, especially as the headmaster said that as well as dedicated teachers and children, a dedicated parents in the community is equally important.

I’ve been involved in the PTA since my child was in year 1 and now it’s relaunching. I’ve lots of ideas and hope to meet you all the next meetings of the parents association be it virtual or in-person.

Money is great because, especially as Dads of how much we can give to our families and communities.

Interesting opportunity hear from someone who came to America with only $150 at age 16. Anyway it’s his newsletter about the emergence of Blockchain as the next Amazon or Bitcoin. He reccoends 3+3 stocks to hold and keep for seven years. His newsletter costs $49 for one year and do let me have access if you get it as a thankyou!

Is Blockchain not your thing? What about a new technology that will make conventional car batteries obsolete with hydrogen technology.

Second opportunity is about USA property arbitrage by flipping real estate contracts. Justin normally charges $5,000 for his done for you mentoring: you can get his home study version for only one payment of $97. See the recording and order link below.

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The free training is available at the time of this writing, however it taken down and may come again.

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