This is Irfan Qureshi and I am so grateful to Allah (SWT) and all the excellent Doctors and Nurses that helped me to get better and return to good health.  As I mentioned this is the sign-up page to that Newsletter I may have mentioned.  Whilst I was thinking of a few words to sum it up, a Nurse sang a song; “Together forever” and I thought, that just sums it up; what’s good for you in this life and then scientific and rational arguments for another life after.  Just enter your first name and email address  by CLICKING HERE and you will get these newsletters.  My topics are new research into whole foods for preventative health, relationships and wellbeing, making some extra income and philosophy and current affairs.   Thanks, regards, Irfan Qureshi (IrfanQ71@gmail.com).  If the form does not work it is due to technical reasons as I am not a webmaster so please email me your email address to get the newsletters in the interim.

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