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Qandeel Baloch – The Real Heart Issues

To get to the heart of the matter.

Qandeel had the same conviction in a cause that a genuine Martyr does and here I give an example of Malcolm X.

What she was protesting about was the Patriarchal Society in order to highlight the issue
of women’s loss of rights, as prescribed by Islam.

In her personal example she was married to someone she did not like against her wish when, very young, to make matters worse, it was alleged that her husband at the time beat her.

However her brother, Waseem thought of her actions as bringing dishonor to the family name.  Clearly what he done was completely Haram as it is only a genuine Khilfah with just Shari’ah laws which can intervene and impose any penalty or punishment- and that is not death at all.  However do you think if a genuine Khilfah was in power that there would be any need- I don’t think so.  People like Waseem see only a narrow family view, and I want to highlight the wider context.

Now whilst there are strict codes of women’s dress in the Shari’ah (Except face and hands is the strongest opinion), she was not advocating political ideas like liberty.  I would question if she said any statement to that effect.

Rather it was her objection to the Patriarchal society, what had become since the last 1400 years become Pakistani Culture and Norms.

Hence it was an objection to non-Islamic values i.e. not to give the daughter a free will choice in a husband.

She saw a way of protest as using social media and her own personality to try to show “The Soul inside”.

Now before anyone says that is not the way of change.

Agreed the method to bring a return to the Islamic way of life has some rules and regulations.  However Sheikh Imran Hosein says that most of the scholars don’t really know the pertinent issues facing us, such that the Rothchild Zionists (Also known as the Iluminati, The Khazarian Mafia, The Red Circle – however please note that they create confusion and so the vast majority of Jewish People are innocent and as much as the victims and actually many on the forefront of working with sincere groups to stop thier Agenda) are running circles around us.  Good news is that I heard that the Iluninati have had a breaking apart of two factions and Allah (SWT) Decrees a very limited time span relatively for their mischief making.  Take for example leaving the deliberate problem of Kashmir upon partition.

Then there are all the false flag attacks like the Pershawar Army School by what I research must be RAW/Mossad/TTP wing in order to brand the original Taliban with TTP.

In a day when us brothers think can we enter the fight with possible risks of arrest, torture and imprisonment, however, and this Vital to understand, that is only if Allah (SWT) wills – then it becomes a test.  This noble, yes noble sister, held up a candle to highlight a heart cause- women’s rights, in a time where thier is deep misunderstanding about the criterion of Actions on things.

Now I have to say, that the method she choose is not allowed in Shari’ah about dress and interaction in the public sphere.

Also neither that any other sister should take over in the same way, because everything we do in life is based upon the Five Criterion of Action (Obligatory, Forbidden, Disliked, Recommended and Permitted).

I got the following profound insights which came to mind when I read this on the website.  A very good independent news website source I refer to for objective news is

In about 1994, Hizb-Ut-Tahrir UK got the licence to broadcast in Ramadan.  They called it Ramadan Radio.  There was one show that I was listening to, called:

“The Drivetime Show”.

On that show there was a debate and call-in about Sunni / Shia issues.

Now the Scholars have said we are one Community (Ummah) with two Tayifahs (Sunni and Shia), below that each Tayifah has many sects.

A Shia sister phoned and made some comments which I can’t remember.  Then a
Sunni brother phoned in and said that:  “…And you are my Sister and I will kill anyone
who would even touch one hair on your head”.

I felt this was so powerful a statement, the bond of brotherhood.

Now lets fast forward to these about last four years and the emergence of ISIS, a false Caliphate.  Denounced by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and also Sheikh Muhammed Yaqoubi.
The actual mastermind behind this is USA Senator John McCain in combination with the
Rothschild Zionists to make Israel the ruling state of the World.

Now please note that the American public, just like the British, French, European, Middle East, Pakistani and Indian are all innocent victims of the activities of the Iluminati, who use, among other things false flag events to engineer reasons to invade to direct world events to their favor.

In fact it is a joint operation with a smaller partner on some issues, being the House al Al-Saud- worried about Yemen, the threat of Iran and the early formations of Taliban in Afghanistan they, without any regard to the welfare of the Muslims Ummah, co-operated with the Zionists- as forbidden by The Qur’an in order to influence world events for their ruling elite to the determent of everyone else.

Hence we have to build co-operation not only with Muslim Organisations but also our fellow people of the Book and general humanity to counter their evil goals.

The want to cause a Sunni / Shia clash and what ISIS done to put a Jordanian captured pilot in a cage and burn him alive is much more then a touch of his hair – Astaghfirullah (SWT).

Later I was to realise that Allah (SWT) put the Muslim Women on earth so that they
could double team or help each other from the clutches of Shaytaan and in order to
get to Heaven.

Money, wealth and property is all earthly materiel, you have to leave it behind, but be thankful to Allah (SWT) for the women fold in your household and relatives, because Allah (SWT) send that straight from Heaven.  I.e. it is not just an Earthly longing but a gift from
Allah (SWT) to be true servants of Allah (SWT).

So what about Pakistan’s plight?

A few points:

  1. We need for influential people to come together and work towards the resumption of the pure Islamic way of life and that can only be achieved by the restoration of its
    political system, The Khilafah, that was dismantled in 1924 by Ataturk.
  2. To understand that we good a solid grounding of our Deen, firmly rooted in the Foundation of Science as Imam Al Ghazalli said in his book; The Incoherence of the Philosophers.   You can catch up with this short primer at

3.   Who to listen to, listen to these great Alim on Youtube:

Sheikh Imran Hosein
Shiekh Hamza Yusuf Hanson
Renowned Scholar Maulana Rafiq Jami of Pakistan

Get good news:   (Late General Hamid Gul was on the Editorial Board)  Look for Gordon Duff.

I myself like authentic Sufism that has proofs in the text combined by accounting the rulers and working to build our co-operation.  Tip: Pray, and Play with your Children to soften your heart.

Lastly honor your Mother as you cannot every repay your debt and don’t incur her anger lest you get punishment form Allah (SWT).

How to develop the ultimate power of purpose is another topic and is not simply just listening to a motivational video, its about removing self-limiting beliefs, setting the
subconscious and daily repetition and then planning the goals.  Of course with correct
Islamic Worship the five pillars – perhaps the five pillars is the formula!

Update on Paris – the best analysis I have read so far:

No one is discussing how to tone down Ideological upsurge of the Khwarjites/Salafists through ideological reformation. In this regard, notable Ulemas and religious teachers as well as educationists, who can interpret Islam strictly in accordance with Quran and Sunnah as practiced by Holy Prophet (pbuh) and Khulfa Raashda can play a key role in educating the masses.

The world is fast slipping into the abyss of chaos and anarchy. If the world powers are sincere in making the world safe and peaceful, they will have to exhibit greater tolerance and large-heartedness by avoiding clash of civilization, bridling geo-economic ambitions of the corporate cartel, and instead of meddling into the internal affairs of Muslim countries, extending assistance to resolve lingering disputes and making the international order equitable.

The OIC will have to come out of its hibernation and play a role in uniting the divided Muslim world and advising the rulers to put their house in order, removing the inequities of have-nots, bettering their lives and restoring their dignity and honor. This approach will help in drying up recruitment in extremist groups like ISIS. Failure to do this will make the world anarchic.


Article Two:   Towards a guided Community Coalition Forum

Does Islam And Capitalism Make Any Sense

1. Who am I? Why should you listen to me?
My name is Irfan Qureshi and I am a Muslim living in Croydon, south London, UK

Welcome to the inaugural broadcast coming to you live from London UK, today Wednesday August 3rd at 8PM GMT. You maybe hearing a recording of the show if you
Tune in at a different time, welcome also. Welcome our UK listeners, our USA listeners and our Pakistani listeners as well as anywhere and everywhere. An especial welcome to listeners of Alex Jones and his prisonplanet tv.

I would like to give a virtual facebook like, a thumbs up to Webster Tarpaley, Alex Jones, Bob Chapman, Jesse Ventura, Liaqat Ali Hussein – presenter of a program called Scholar on ARY Digital TV, to Zahid Hamid and his Brass Tracks website. To Hizb-ut-Tahrir UK and Pakistan chapters in particular. Welcome to Tabligh Jamiat- they go house to house all over the world and invite mainly Muslims to come to the mosque and prayer, welcome to APML and especially General Pervez Musharraf whose aim is the betterment of Pakistan. Welcome to Rtd. General Hamid Gul who is an outspoken critic of the status quo as is Shazad Roy and the good works of Imam Qasim of Al-Khair foundation and the foundation of Bill and Melinda Gates. To entrepreneurship of Mr. Jay Abraham, Spike Hummer, Sir Alan Sugar, Richard Branson and Donald Trump, to the personal development of father and son; Tony and Jairek Robbins. Also Andy Harrington, Brian Tracy, I could go on and on and lets stop here for now at least.
As the inaugural show, I thought it best to spend this 30 minute slot to give you an introduction rather then go straight into the topic in detail, which we will do so in the next episode to air this time next week on Wednesday 10th August 2011 at 8pm GMT, right here at CCR – part of the IGC network. So if you want details on the episode titled: Does Capitalism and Islam Make Any Sense- then tune in next week, however to put it all into context, I felt I needed an introduction to cover my nineteen years of extensive research, thinking and interacting with the present day challenges facing us, in particular on the theme of East meets West in London i.e. bringing communities together and standing together against our enemies who are the globalists and their anti-family, anti-human, anti-good agenda for a one world government.

Lets start by telling you why you should listen to me. My mission is to serve God, which Muslims call Allah (SWT) glorified be he. However I want to point out a difference for those of you contemplating switching of because of another God Squad station. Whilst I am going to quote from the Qur’an and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammed (called Ahadith) I don’t expect my non-muslim listeners to take it at face value. You see we can prove it however we will leave that to a separate episode so we don’t go everywhere and so that we can focus in on an area in turn in order to do it justice and also not to waste your time by trying to give you a headache with multiples of topics. So I am not doing this for any man, person or human, rather from a direct connection with God that I have conviction in, completely on proven rational grounds; the prove that there is a God and that Muhammed – peach and blessings be upon him is the final messenger of God, after the great and mighty messenger of God, Jesus, who we call Isa (as) peace be upon him and before that
Moses – peace be upon him.

For my non-muslim listeners I don’t expect to take my word for it, for there is too much at stake on this, rather we will schedule in a separate topic to answer the question What Accounts for our existence, because we could well have not existed? If you saw a purple ball the size of an elephant in the woods would you not think, how did that get there?
Why are any of us here? I am not going to go more deeply into this, and we will when we schedule this in a future episode of CCR – part of IGC Network. Then we will follow that with prove of The Qur’an as the word of God, just to saw we don’t take a Kirkiguardian leap of faith like our Christian people of the book- Ahl Kitab. I will tell you specifically when that is coming and you will see it in a summary box besides the Blog Talk Radio player so you know what to expect.

So You should listen to me because I have gone on an intensive 19 year journery starting from personal development and entrepreneurship to understanding more about my way of life which is Islam and the key area trying to bring understanding between Muslim groups to really understand what is our problem, who is really our enemy and what can we do to contribute to a more principled society?

I would like to go into more detail here because I think it is useful context to see where I am coming from. So I discovered more about myself through personal development, by reading my first personal development book; Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins 25 years ago at the same time as reading about entrepreneurism by reading The Lazy Mans Way To Riches by Joe Karbo, followed by Talk and Grow Rich by Ron Holland and then the other classic; Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. So from my mid-teens I came across personal development and entreprenership, whils it was to be three years later when I started University did I learn more about Islam and that it was more then a relgion, being a belief with a social, economic and ruling system just like Capitalism.

What was happening in 1991 was that in Islamic discussion circles there was a debate going on between two groups, hizb-ut-tahrir and actually to be accurate it was between a party- one organisation with a specific leadership and a general group or movement called Salafi which has different groups with it. The debate was to change the muslims condition to go from the current turmoil in the various 52+ muslim countries to one of peace some method was needed. In hizb-ut-tahrirs methodology, which was worked out by an Islamic scholar and founder of the movement in 1953; Sheikh Taqi Deen Nabhani, (their current Leader Shiekh Abu Rista) was actually a top down and ground up approach. It involved public interaction in society to call for Islam as a political system between those in influential positions like the army, doctors, engineers etc as well as
A ground up grass roots movement. In contrast the Salafis focussed more on a focus on the self, again they have their scholars which initially emanated from what is now modern day Saudia Arabia. So the Salafis way was to study topics like Tauheed which is
The study of the oneness of God, Allah (SWT) and has a whole science called Usool Al Deen as well as topics like patience and thankfulness, and the study of shirk or things that
Nullify ones believe and that can take outside the fold of Islam.

I was surrounded by this debate at Brunel University where I was and I found it most interesting then by nature being a person who likes to bring people together I made a commitment to find commonaliy and understanging between both this views and so
Started a journey, nineteen years, actually twenty one years and still incomplete and with much insight gained and gleaned.

You see what I done is I went to these two organisations firstly then to other organisations and my aim was to create co-operation amongst them in order to
Quicky increase there combined power to spread the message of Islam and peace.

However I was later to realise, after some intensive work from 1993 – 2003, ten years that I was supremely successful in one area and an abymissal failure in terms of attainment in antoher. What I was successful in was that to each organisatio that I went to I bought their book or books and took their literature, talked to the members in that organisatio including many leader. So I got a personal insight, however in terms of actual co-operation, this was very little, pitiful crumbs. However I realised that overall my objective was not a frutless one as I had gained knowledge, understanding and grown as a person. The fact that hardly any co-operation had been achieed was due to the following thing and as you listen to them, if you have tried similar stuff to build co-operation don’t be too disappointed as I have been turned down on literal co-operation in spades! So lets proceed to the first reason, and these are generic by the way:

(i) We are living in interesting times, which is a Chinese proverb, I first heard this from the much loved Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Hanson of Zaytuna Institure- he had a choice at the tender age of 16 and converted his belief to Islam and studied for 16 years in the Middle East before returning to USA. Actually he also studied at the best University and institutions in USA and had got profound insights. This as Shiekh Hamza Yusuf Hanson said in one of his talks is actually a curse! The Sheikh smiled as he said this as first the receive of this news thinks it’s a complement! So the Sheikh continues that this is an ERA that has confused even the scholars because it seems that we can talk about Islam much more freely in the West then back home in our muslim countries. So one of the key reasons that co-operation was not achieved was due to the collasial anti-normal situation that us as Muslims and the non-muslims find ourselves in. The last stagies of this was when we lost the Khilafah in 1924 when it was abolshied by Kamal Mustapha- actually a Jew who used this name to make him more conducive to Muslims in Turkey. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with Jews as they are people of the book and Muslims happily lived peaceful with them on the most part for 1400 years. It is only that small tiny minority who call themselves the globalists AKA The Khazarian Mafia, The Iluminati or The Red Circle and want a new world secular order that Muslims are opposed to because we
Want a world wide Government of justice eventually and this to be all under Shariah law on the model of the rightly guided Khilafah.  The Prophet Muhammed – peace and blessing be upon him said in one ahadith that this will come to pass.

(ii) In such a situation, society can do one of two things, one is on an individual level to go inwards i.e. at the group and/or family level and hold onto that group as a milestone- this is done in order to stay SANE. Due to the apparenat confusion in trying to reconcile various seeming opposite thoughts. However the side effects of that is that
One may throw the baby out with the bath water i.e. that one becomes closed minded to
Competing views and will filter them with a lense. In the worst case that can un-realising become partisanship, which the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said leave it for it is like Nationalism. On Nationalims the Prophet said that it is something smelly and (the least part) is like someone having fornication with his own mother!

So lets analyse this, the Ummah faces itself in a situation where we have tyrannical regiumes that rule over us such as Ghadaffi, Asad, Zardar-Gilani, King Abdullah and
So called western democratic counties who claim to rule by the rule of Law, lead by America whose tiny political elite are controlled by the Globalists, the globalists are originall some European families who have such titlese like the Club of Rome which controls the Council of Foreign Relations and one that used to be them was Henry Kissenger and now Zbignew Brenski who recruited and groomed Barack Obama and
Supported him with a colossal cash to back him to become the next President of USA.

These Globalists are hell bent not only in suppressing not only the masses of muslims in all 52+ counties, but they are also not leaving their own populous in grievous peril with their genertical modified crops. The collusion of the pharmaceuticl industy with the food insustrey. They was a new world order which George Bush Snr. Referred to a new world of Possibility- that’s right their property such that democracy becomes the rule by the fewFor the few.

In this situation Muslim groups are the only hope really to save the situation. That’s true and they are made of of Individuals muslims. So the fact that there is clearly not enough co-operation is what is slowing us down in getting the Khilafah and worse then that there
Is verses in the Quran where Allah (SWT) warns us about in-fighting:

Firstly Let there be Groups that call to enjoin good and forbid evil and they will be the successful ones. Co-operate in birr and taqwa (good deeds and God consiousness) and not in Itm and Adwann (sin and transgression).

The Verse warning is: Do not dispute lest your stretgth is lost and you become cowards, like the foam of the seas

I don’t have the exact chapter or verse number as this is from memory however I don know there are verses like that.

So what can we do.

Firstly we have to not despair as to be depressed is not from Islam, actually when the Muslims see a vast enemy their faith increases as their strength comes from the love of God, love of Allah (SWT) alone- there is actually I think it’s a hadith where the Prophet Muhammad asked do you know what makes Allah laugh out loud, the companions said that Allah (SWT) and his Messenger know best. The Prophet – peace and blessing be upon him said that it is one in the battlefield who throws away his armour and jumps into
The centrel heat of the battle.

Secondly but no less importantly we must obey Allah (SWT) and follow a method to bring back the Khilafah. The one I am most conviced about is the one adopted by
Hizb-Ut-Tahri which is a radical method, a peaceful method i.e. a non-militant method
To interact with socirty both at the grass roots level and at the level of influential people be it army, intellectuals, professions and convey to them the fard al ayn of the duty to re-establish the Khilafah Rashida. There are other methods and it was Sheikh Omar Barki Muhammed that said that that is in three general areas- reformist groups, radical groups and militant groups. The first is like Muslim Brotherhood in i.e. UK and elsewhere, for radical it is like Hizb-Ut-Tahrir and Al-Muhajiroun who were dissolved by Shekh Omar Bakri Muhammed in 2003 whils the militant ones are ones who are also called freedom fighters in Afghanistan and Iraq. There was no weapons of mass destrutction in Iraq, as you know just an excuse to attack the country to prevent a Khilafah from arising and to use it as a base to control strategic land and maintain Americas military supmracy and its will in this streategc region. This is a taster for further in depth series on methodology.

However I must clearly and unequivocally say that ISIS i.e. The Caliphate declared by Abu Bakir Al Bagdadi is NOT a genuine Khilafah that we call for.  Why?  Well two leading scholars; Sheikh Muhammad Al Yakoubi gave a lecture pointing out why it is not.  In the West, noble Scholar; Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Hanson gave a khutbah and recently was on CNN also confirming that it is not a valid Khilifah.  The one I and good people talk about was on the model of golden period of Islam and we have over 1400 years of history of how people of all faiths lived together in peace and harmony.

What to do now how to help.
(i)First understand our deen, I started with attending lecture whilst at Univerity which was undoubltly a golden age of lectures from great speakers, many of whom subsequently migrated to Pakistant and many have been arrested in a crackdown by the Zardar Government faction- I say this as many everyday people are not happy with the way the economy is being run not to mention the protests abut load shedding.

Whist at University now in the UK, it is not near this golden level because of a crackdown by the Universities not to only group like hizb-ut-tahrir a platform to speak.
There is still some activity which you could join if you wish.

If you are in Islamabade, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Fasialbad or any other big city it would be nice to attend some lectures of hizb-ut-tahrir. Bookmark my CC Radio page on your browser and listen in Every Wednesday 8pm UK time that’s 12am in Pakistan and
2pm CST in America.
If you are in London, connect to members of hizb-ut-tahrir by searching for them online.
(ii) Appreciate the intellectual foundations of our Deen- Islam. One way to get more insight, aha moments is the study of the the rational arugument of the Proof that God exists. Does Allah (SWT) exist? I know the proofs and they prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that there was a moment of big bang when the universe begins to exist, then for everything to have existed to have a cause of its existence that cause being God, then if we can prove that the Qur’an is the word of God then we believe everything in the Qur’an.

Our faith is not based on a Kirkegaardian leap of faith as Kierkegaard admitted to when asked about trying to prove Christianity completely rational today. What this will do is to further strengthen your conviction as you know you have the truth. This is just a taster and we will do an episode or better a short series on the philosophy of religion- you wont find this anywhere else and that is a shame, it will update any current arguments you make. Specifically we will talk about the three main arguments for the existence of God:

1. The ontological argument (Nature of being)
2. The teleological argument.(Design)
3. The Kalam cosmological argument.(Anything that begins to exisit must have a cause)
Conclusion: That God exists.
Next Step: Is the Qu’ran the word of God; The multifactor or cumulative case argument with the main proof being the linguistic miracle of the Qur’an.
(iii) Understand the West, namely America, UK are not your enemies.  Actually there are so many of the American Military, Intelligence and Academic Elite who actually expose the infiltration of America by Zionists who want to promote their Agenda.

Who are these people, well, first of all read real non-propoganda news from the best independent News Website:   They are people like Gordon Duff, Kevin Barrett, Mike Harris, joined by like minded folk in Pakistan like the late General Hamid Gul and now

The vast majority just want to look after their family, work hard and with others well. It is actually a very tiny minority actual just a few hundred people that call themselves as the 13 families AKA The Iluminati or the KM that have taken control of the foreign and domestic policy of the USA to use it for its own ends to eventually achieve a one world Government- it is said to these people in the Qur’an; Do not be mischief makers, they say we are peacemakers, they are mischief makers and they realist it not. Allah (SWT) is giving these people more rope, more leighway to
Ultimately be Judged by Allah (SWT) alone where not atoms weight of good or evil will be missed out or ignored. Such that we can change any reference to that in literature., talks etc to elaborate as we know we meant this.

This part (iii) is what makes me like Western people, British People, we are
Not at war with them, they are as much victims of these globalists as us. Some call the globalist the bankers who control Washington. The bankers are
Part of them and they use instuments like the IMF and Word Bank to make
Entire contries to follow their policy which ultimately is to create chaos, food shortages and the collapse of the dollar in order to lead the way for the masses in America cry and the globalist repond with a new currency that rises firm the ashes of the dollar and that currenty is none other then the Bacan after the American oil and gas field that America will start to harvest not buying oil from the OPEC countires, as they double cross them.

Future trends – plans of the globalists
One key theme of there is an ardent and obsession with the thoris of Malthus and population control, with modern agricultural techniques, acedemics debunk this as noncnes that there is too much popoulaton, in fact studies done show the Earth can
Support 40bn people when we only have 5.5bn. The economic problem is not of
Production it is one of distribution. That’s why we see wars in Rawanda, Somali, the hand of the CIA is in this and needly millions of African including majority children have died neddlessly. In a sicking and delobrat ploy to make neighbour muslim rulers who do nothing to help being equated by the real help of Islam when the people of the UK have already donated £33M to Somalia.

I used to regularly listen to Alex Jones of the a few years ago before I realized that the organisation may have been compromised to the Zionist agenda.  Same with the Huffington Post, that’s when I changed to and started listening to Gordon Duff, the senior editor there and a most decorated officer and patriot of the USA,  wishing for people to live in harmony.   . Was formed and how its aim is to make even American citizens feel that they are living in prison state so they get used to it for when they need to be manipulated more. Even though this groping is illegal to their own laws. I gave a hooray when one of his guest revealed the way to
Counter a TSA agent who tries something with the USA law which can take the TSA agent to court and go after his boss and his bosses boss.
This is just a taste we will reveal more of this in future episodes entitled- Future trends – plan of the Iluminati.

What’s going on in Pakistan?
Do you watch Geo, PTV, ARY or other Pakistani channels. I do however I don’t get my
News from them. The only think you will get from GEO/PTV from watcting the news analysis of the situration in Pakistan, the only thing you will get is a headache!
As the guests are for the most part politician from the Government or the opposition and
They rely upon the current democratic system and keep referring back to that.

When an independent media, Bol TV tried to launch in Pakistan, it was blocked by GEO TV and Express News, by putting out a false story on the selling of fake degrees- see my detailed article on this blog.

Have you every heard them mention the work Khilfah, the PPP have reached such an arrogant point that one of them said in London at a conference in which their member was invited to discuss with Hizb-ut-tahrir, this is what he said.

The reason you get a headache is that the solution goes back to getting PPP out and
PML into government and we have had over four decades of that and still the misery that
They put us through. They give us a headache because those brothers and Alims who
Are learned know that the only solution is the resumption of the Islamic way of life in
All spheres of life political, social, economic, indeed there was a massive confernace of
Scholars in Indonesia where they were all calling for the return of the Khilfah Rashida.

So can you believe that the Zardari Government recently started a severe crackdown by
Arresting key members of Hizb-Ut-Tahrir, here there is no more democracy but
Thugerry and despotism as all these brothers were arrested at gunpoint. One whilst
Driving to a bakery with his 11 year old daughter who was left in the car at night.
These brothers include Dr. Abdul Wajid (Thankfully released after one week!), Brig. Ali Khan, Engineer Aftab, Dr Abdul Qayyum
he others are Imran Yousufzai, accountant and Deputy to the Spokesman of Hizb ut Tahrir in Pakistan, Ousama Haneef, telecommunications engineer, and Hayyan Khan, software engineer.

Lets listen to a rap song with an Islamic theme

What can we do:

Do you have connections to the speciali investigation branch of the MI or
Direct to Home Secretary Rehman Malik, send and email, letter or phone
Demanding that these brothers be released. As they don’t advocate any
Militant attack on the Pakistani Army, rather they are calling for the
Ejecting of American forces in Pakistan and Afganistan because it
Is bringing unstability to the area. Don’t fear arrest as it is not
Necessary that you take action and you are arrested, it is Allah’s Wajal
To have that test.

To the special investigation branch we say to those officier loyal to
The true vision of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, to the vision of Iqbal, show
Disloyaly to the trator Zardari and those who keep him on his thrown
Gilani and Keyani and arrest them with a cout de ta, show them that
They dare to arrest noble brothers from the ummah and let blackwater
To operate on Pakistani soil, rather they help and assist them they are the
True traitors.

The day that the Khilfah system of govermetn is very close for Pakistan and
We ask the brothers to remain firm and for them to be served good food
This Ramadhan.

The advocates for Khilafah in Pakistan are many and not just Hizb-Ut-Tahrir, think Zahid Hamid, the noble analyst who was released from Saudi Arabia after being arrested there after speaking out.

Zardari you better start fueling your jet and scoffing Pakistani pakoris at
Iftaar to fly to a land with your hundres of millions of dollars in il-gotten
Wealth of the Ummah. We don’t expect you to change.

General Raheel Sharif is doing very good work to route out corruption in Karachi, much to Zardari’s dislike, the later who went to see Hilary Clinton to pledge loyalty. – And who was it that promoted General Raheel and build up the Rangers of Pakistan, none other then the great Patriot; General Pervez Musharraf, I salute you sir.

We declare that the whole Pakistani civil service, the governemt instituions and
All of the Army, all of the ISI and MI are servants to the Khilafah, we will
Route out the small band of traitors who hold he sterring wheel and take it from them.

Folks, brothers and sisters, we are almost out of time, tune in next Wednesday 10th August for our next episode at 8pm on does Capitalism and Islam make any sense.

Until then, don’t miss even one of your prayers, pray taraweeh and look to the sky and know who is the true Lord and to whom we will all return, see the goodness of the
People and do good only for Allah’s sake.

deeply though about this question (Does Islam And Capitalism Make Any Sense) for 21 years, a passionate quest for the answer that took me across tens of non-violent Islamic groups, Government – UK Civil Service, and non-Islamic groups, some of which were in the Christian/Judaic tradition.

My original aim was to find commonality and understanding between groups, at that time in deep thought about the challenge that Musliims faced in getting true representative government, whether it was purely a family thing or whether you should call socieity to do good and forbid evil at the same time.

In this aim then which implies co-operation on the good deeds, I was supremely unsuccessful, however I always picked up items of literature and books and ready them to get an understanding .
t top British and American educational institutions yet abhor Western values, advocate a pan-Islamic state and favour the removal of the pro-United States government in Islamabad.
he contention of the Pakistan chapter of the HuT is that the current rulers of Pakistan, civilian as well as khaki, are American agents and their only agenda is protecting the American interests.

Bringing communities together; You are listening to your Commuity Coalition Internet Radio, part of the community coalition forum and the IGC; Inter Group Co-operation Network. You want answers and so does he, he is Irfan Qureshi and now we are going live to your host; Irfan From his studios in London UK.