Analysis of Axact Response To Allegations Of Fake Degrees – It’s All Kismat By Allah (SWT) To Sort Wheat From The Chaff

In these times, which respected Scholar; Sheikh Imran Hosein said is the end times or Akhir Al Zaman and one has to understand the Geo-Political Events happening today in light of guidance and our guidance comes from Allah (SWT) and the last Messenger Muhammad (SAW).

Sheikh Imran uses Islamic Eschatology by being able to study the Qur’an in order to understand world events.

I came across him on You-Tube and watched many of his videos and it really gave me a good understanding of world events, along with listening to Gordon Duff – senior editor of to get an understanding of the terrible turmoil in the Middle-East.

So connecting this with Axact and Bol Media Group:

I came across Bol Media Group whilst surfing on You-Tube and was really happy to see a new media enterprise soon to launch in Pakistan.  InshAllah (SWT) First of Ramadan 2015.

Actually before that whilst contemplating I came across a song called Bol Bachan sung by Amitabh Bachan and his son; Abisheikh, so when Bol Media Group made the announcement of launching a Pakistan Media Outfit, I did laugh at the coincidence.

Anyway what I like about Mr. Shoeib Ahmed Sheikhs vision is that, and its a passion close to my heart as well, and that is to treat people who work for you well.  So when he said that his employees will have the best remuneration including canteen, salary, facilities, I was really happy, and shocked to hear that in Pakistan and elsewhere, employees of other media outlets ask to borrow the key to the executive bathroom so they can have the best and very good clean facilities- I mean would you go to a restaurant where the food was bad, stale but served with a butler in a suit and tie and to make it worse the bathrooms were in a poor state.

Not only that but the Education Vision of Bol Media Group to provide free education to I think it was 100,000 children- did Geo or Express Group think of anything like that?

Now to come to the point that the media attack on Axact, the parent company of Bol Media Group, was based on Allegations which are yet to be proven in a court of Law.  Declan Walsh wrote the article in the New York Times – a well known Zionist owned newspaper which writes the official narrative for the USA.

Not to be confused by the great majority of Jews- who are against the Zionist definition of the Goyim.  For the former they view non-Jews as equal citizens, just like Islam, non-Muslims, in a true Islamic State that existed for 1400 years are full Citizens where life, property and honour are protected.

So typical of the current day Zionist attack, they are also known as the Bush Crime Cabal, the Khazarian Mafia and the Illuminati- a network of like minded people who are all working to move from Pax Americana to Pak Judica or a one world Government run from Israeli, and so you see all the false flag events from
9-11 to 7-11, the French 9-11 which was the Charlie Hebdo Affair and also a false flag- see Dr. Kevin Barratt’s book: We Are Not Charlie Hebdo, Independent Thinkers Question the French 9-11.

Other False Flags:

Malysian Airline disapearance.
Boston Terror Bombings

To name but a few.

So my view is that one Jounalist; Declan Walsh writes an article in the NYT, and Pakistani Media Outlets go and promote the story, in particular GEO and the originator of the story Express Media Group PVT – actually Axact got an injunction in Pakistani to stop the news story so Express went to a Zionist paper the NYT.

The intention is to try to cripple Axact and stop the launch of Bol TV, it is much more then one TV channell, but just the start of a Media Group to have presense in the UK and elsewhere as well by it being able to be watched, InshAllah (SWT) on Sky as well.

However what is actually happening is that it’s the kismat of Allah (SWT) Decree to sort out the wheat from the chaff- however I should clarify my point as it is important.

I do not saw all those good general population of Pakistan and all the world are chaff if get taken in by the Media Storm attack on Axact.  They just go duped, tricked, scammed because they beleive in the credability of the media outlets who bring out the story with gusto and all the media outlets who support the story, because if so many different media outlets say it, it must be true.

However just think of the offical mainstream line of 9-11 and the overwhealming evidence that it was a false flag terror event organised by Zionist PM of Israil; Benjem Netanyahu in order to justify the attack on Afganistan and to try to destroy political Islam and any rise of a power that may challenge it – Just like Pharoghs idea to kill all babies born, because he thought one may grow up to challenge his tyranny- that would be Prophet Musa (Moses) – Peace Be Upon Him.

So what I am saying is that as you watch events unfold, don’t be sad, for it is to sort out who is for an objective Pakistan Media and who is for the status quo of watching 48 Min Geo “News” Programs with 3 to 4 guests who talk over each other and all you get after 48 Mins. is a headache as they waste your time over and over again and attack sincere leaders like Mr. Zaid Hamid of Brass Tracks.

For the future I always see sincere leaders who are in Pakistan and all over the World who will not let Falsehood go unchallenged and the key is to re-establish the rightly guided Khilafah, somewhere in Muslim lands so both Muslims and Non-Muslims can see the justice and ultimatly only to Worship Allah (SWT) by following his commands and reject Democracy, becauase you see, the Islamic Political System has all the checks and balances so you don’t have to hear truth comments by respected gentleman; George Galloway reveal that Al Gore said the truth when he said that Venezuela had the most free and fair elections to elect President Hugo Chavez compared to the manuplation in the USA which good Bush into power prior to 9-11 and the plan to do the same again for Jeb Bush to become President in 2016.

I heard a sheikh saw and I am sure it was an Ahadith that Prophet (SAW) said and in my own paraphrasing that in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) when Islam was very strong political, it was time for doing Actions over understanding the Truth whilst now it is times for understanding the situation over the Actions.  However don’t get me wrong one has to understand that we must place importance over understanding our situation and doing the right Actions, sincerely for the Sake of Allah (SWT) to make his world the highest and it must be done in a peaceful way like the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did in his time. Hizb-Ut-Tahrir elaborate a lot on this.

We must also understand that, as Imam Al Ghazali said when he emphazide the Rational Foundations of our Deen in that we can rationaly proof the God Exisits and then, also, that The Qur’an is the word of Allah (SWT).

This is the study of the philosophy of religion and you can get some understanding of it my watching the debates of:

YouTube:  Hamza Tzortzis

William Lane Craig vs Christopher Hitchens 


See this link about how the Jang Group of Newspapers and its founder; Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman also faced exactly the same issue when perceived as a threat by the then same PML (now PML-N) if they every thought of publishing truth about PM Nawas Sherif and his business interests:

In this article Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman is quoted as saying:

Mir Shakil said: “There was a time when I got confused. I thought about my life, my family, my organisation and about my 4,000 workers and their families. It is very difficult to stand before the state power. Some people advised me to bow down and accept the government’s conditions to save the institutions. But there were also people who advised me to stand for the truth.”

My own view is that if we look at Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman’s launch of Geo TV, which is now publicising the Axact fake degrees, it is clear to see that they sucumbed to the ruling party and acquiesced to the State to continue to be in the media and now become part of the corrupt establishment.

Fast foward to today and its the same strategy being used to undermine and coerce Bol Media Group to feel the same pressure and bend to the state for the interests of the ruling party and all its interests are deemed greater then the 100M+ population of the country.

That’s why its great to know, as revealed by Mr. Zahid Hamid, that Army Chief; General Raheel Sherif with DG ISI; General Rizwan Akhtar have since last December 2014 started a clean up operation to remove corruption at the highest levels, starting in Karachi and have had words with thier Leader; PM Mr. Nawaz Sherif to accept this to continue to be PM, he done so.  So lets see, InshAllah (SWT) with a different set of circumstances, how the same manoeuvres can not work this time for a better and new Pakistan.