What is Community Coalition Forum Global

Think tank. … A think tank, think factory or policy institute is a research institute/center and organisation that performs research and advocacy concerning topics such as political strategy, and economics.

We specialize in current world affairs with a focus on Asia and the USA.

We aim to show that there is no clash of civilizations, that the Islamic and Western World can live in peace and harmony.

This song by Dawoud Warmsby gives the main idea:

The CCFG represents an idea, a vision for a more centered, balanced and principled society.

Today those who come from a religious perspective, discuss and debate that in society, whether on the street, at an event or on the media, are addressed by those holding social liberalism who make an assumption that religion has no objective way to assess it.

We wish to state, based on Islamic orthodox traditional narrative, from one of its greatest proponents; Imam Ghazali, who lived around a thousand years ago that Islam is fully supported by the foundations of knowledge.  That Islam provides the most convincing proof to explain why do we exist?  We could have well not existed?  Islam starts by using rationality and philosophical arguments that there is absolute proof that a Creator exists, using the Kalam or Cosmological Argument, in recent times also advocated by William Lane Craig.   Like Craig, we can prove, 100% rationally that Allah (SWT) (God) exists. Read More…

Then that, completely rationally mind you, that The Qur’an is the Last Testament, Book or Revelation send by the Creator to all of Mankind.

Are you a professional and learned about things like how the mainstream media has a lot of propaganda controlled by the Deep State which is real?

Are you looking for answers and sometimes feel depressed at what sort of World we will hand over to our children?

Then sign up to my newsletter at www.whydoweexist.me sign-up and after click on the home icon to instant access to the question that you need to ask yourself that will lead you to peace; “Why do we exist?”, because we could have well not existed?

Will Smith in the following interview:

Twelve years of research culminated into the formation of ccfg which stands for
Community Coalition Forum Global.

Based in London, UK, CCFG has observed mass populism movements, be it in the UK with the BREXIT expression, in Pakistan with the launch of a more objective media in Bol TV Network and wish for more just society with the work of Imran Khan.

In the USA with the victory of President Mr. Donald Trump is all an aspiration, a wish by common people for something better. Making America Great Again.  Making Great Britain even better, Making Pakistan Great Again.  Making life for all people, Great Again.

The Impeachment of TPOUS, Mr. Donald Trump is a farce, designed by the Democrats to try to remove Trump as the people’s President. Essentially the Deep State who wants to assert control for an anti-human agenda. However many activists in America, UK and elsewhere are against that which comes from love of the common people and God.

CCFG seeks to build co-operation and coalition with parties who have the same interest in the Human Project as created by Allah (SWT) (God) in order to have good in this world and the next.

Whilst we believe that the best way to do this is to follow the teachings and message of the greatest Messenger ever to exist; Prophet Muhammad (SAW), we also believe in the concept and idea of One People.  Such that it is more then just building co-operation between Muslim organisations and groups, rather there are many community initiatives amongst the great people of the book; Christian and Jews, as well as Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Secular, atheist and other religions.


—-Click here after reading on Proof of Qur’an to see how The Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is also protected.——–

What do we mean by this?  Is everything relative?  Absolutely not, however whilst we believe there is only one absolute truth: Islam, values of freedom of beliefs, the rule of law and all faiths, living in harmony are shared values that the people’s of the West seek and aspire to, in making a more perfect union. In Islam, we have these values also, emanating from our source of law.

Both Democracy and current political Islam in its true ideal, both in Europe and the American Founding Fathers has been compromised to the Deep State to different degrees. Such that it appears it’s the will of the people.

So we can certainly work with and be in coalition and cooperation with other organisations, as long as they share a community vision of living in peace and harmony and getting along. That our political work is a peaceful approach to reach our objectives. This is shared by leading activists in the West.

Because the alternative is secret societies AKA the Khazarian Mafia, Red Circle, the Iluminati who have set in plan a devious plan to orchestrate the one world Goverment.

They have placed people in top levels in Government, media, business and contracting, however thankfully, according to exposes by the great objective news-website; http://www.phibetaiota.net by Mr. Robert David Steele, exposes how the USA system is rigged by a two party tyranny. He shows you how to #UNRIG the system and the connections between this; Wall Street theft and how pedophilia is used at the highest levels of corruption. Robert offers a comprehensive solution for not only America and how to help the rest of the World with his Open Source Engineering model.

The outstanding Mr. Gordon Duff, senior editor at www.veteranstoday.com  and according to Benjamin Fulford, good people who want a just world are going after them and their attempts to control the planet.

It’s a team effort by these and other super-Patriots including Juan O Savin, Sacha Stone, Dr. Charlie Ward and many others. Join the struggle by just passing on the messages for a World reflecting the true wishes of the people to get along and work and live in harmony.

It is an anti-Human agenda and in essence it is a hatred of the Human form by Satan himself, who in the Islamic Creed, we believe he was not an Angel but a Jinn, created by Allah (SWT) who would not prostrate before Adam – peace be upon him as ordered by Allah (SWT) and he vowed to lead Mankind and Jinn astray until the Day of Judgement.

Please contact us in the form below in order to join hands in coalition.

Just a note, we always believed that the so called ISIS is in no way a genuine State, and all the scholars we follow like Shiekh Hamza Yusuf Hanson of Zaytuna College , Sheikh Muhammad Yaqoubi & Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdullah al Mas’ari have denounced ISIS.  We believe ISIS is run by The Khazarian Mafia in order to meet their aims of a one World Government and the top chieftain is Senator John Mcain.

Our work is a peaceful non-violent struggle with intellectual thought in order to revive the Islamic way of life and its political manifestation; the rightly guided Khilafah based on the historic model  after the death of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The Khilafah is just the Islamic form of Government that existed for 1,400 years from the creation of it after the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) dies until 3/3/24.

We can’t delete history and say it never existed. It did and as Muslims we believe it’s the best way to have true accountability in Government, when you believe God is watching over you. We believe that it would arise in any Muslim Country, however we focus on Pakistan.

As Muslims, we two aspire to build or restore a more perfect union. We are looking to build bridges to common ground. It has similarities with Democracy in terms of freedom of belief and no compulsion in religion. It is Liberal and let’s you live the way you want, subject to the law of the land. Shariah, misapplied everywhere and when honestly implemented would grant society peace.

You can keep your organisations good aims and objectives, and work in coalition with us, so that we know what you do, you know what we do.

To start the ball rolling why not check out our philosophy website about the great question that we as Humans or Jinn cannot escape:

Why do we exist?  As we could have well not existed?4

Read more here: https://irfanq71.wixsite.com/whydoweexist/test-lp

Feel free to oontact us at a time that is good for you:


Twitter: @windfallprofits

The PUBLIC is the political body–this site seeks to serve the public by nurturing public intelligence in the public interest.

We intend to help the public to eliminate information asymmetries and data pathologies, and end the rule of secrecy.  We support the Collective Intelligence of the public in such as way as to create a more accurate knowledge of current affairs, collaborative economics, and a prosperous world at peace.

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